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DIGINET, Internet Connectivity for Business, Permanent Internet Connection

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Internet Connectivity for Business

If your organisation is connecting to the Internet, or if your Internet needs have outgrown modem dial-up access, consider the advantages of Diginet Leased Line connectivity:

Permanent Internet Connection

Leased lines provide Internet access to your entire organisation through a dedicated, permanent Diginet link and can hence provide unlimited Internet and E-mail access for all your employees.

Unlimited Usage At A Fixed Cost

Compared to analogue dial-up, where you pay whenever you use the service, the leased line packages described here all provide unlimited access at a fixed monthly rate.

Real Time E-mail

All E-mail communications are performed in real-time; that is E-mail is not spooled on an external mail server until you collect it, but will be delivered directly to your network.

Business Applications Availability

Compared to on-demand services (such as ISDN or analogue dial-up services), dedicated leased lines make it possible for organisations to explore new business opportunities.

Now your organisation can market and sell products and services to the rest of the world, exploit e-commerce opportunities and get closer to customers and suppliers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Line Speed And Scalability

By means of leased line technology, your organisation can implement Internet access with line speeds tailored to your specific requirements.

When the need arises, the line speed can be upgraded without significant hardware changes.

As your organisation grows, more and more users can be connected to your network, and all will have access to Internet applications such as E-mail and the Web.

Packaged Leased Line Solutions

Based on our experience with small to medium sized organisations, We have packaged various cost-effective leased line solutions to assist our customers who require a cost-effective entry point to having permanent diginet access:

Entry Level Leased Line

Solution Features:

64k permanent internet
Bandwidth statistics
Router Rental & Configuration


Pro-active Outage Notification


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