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iBurst Wireless Internet Access, iBurst Mobile Broadband Internet Access

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iBurst technology is a wide-area mobile broadband technology offering a unique combination of high speed, wide range and high base station capacity.

It’s a pure IP, end-to-end system built on two primary components:

  • Base Stations deployed by a network operator, like today’s cellular services,
  • Wireless Modems or PC cards that customers use with existing Internet appliances, such as a notebook.

The World At Your Fingertips

iBurst provides you with continued high-speed connectivity for your corporate or personal needs, through broadband internet and email services.

Within the area of the base station closest to you, you can maintain this connection in an always-on mode.

You no longer need to wait until you get to a place which provides connectivity.

Always Available

As the services on the Internet expand to include all aspects of life, many are only at their full potential if they’re available as soon as your need arises.

Because you can access information at any time with iBurst, you no longer need to plan ahead or guess what information to download to local storage to use later.

Similarly, any data you receive while on the move, such as digital photos, can be transferred immediately to the online environment for storage or for others to access.

The end result is a unique user experience of the freedom that the iBurst service provides.

It will be very hard for you to go back to an existence where the online world is not always available at your fingertips.

The Technology

Unlike voice networks such as GSM, CDMA and 3G standards.

iBurst technology has been designed from the ground up to provide pure data and with the incorporation of IntelliCell technology it is able to provide the wireless data more efficiently than the voice based cellular networks.

As well as being superior in performance, the data delivery over an iBurst network is also significantly more economical than voice networks.

The data charges for iBurst based data are comparable to that charged for wired access such as DSL.

In comparison, data transferred over voice networks can be up to two orders of magnitude more expensive.

iBurst Website: http://www.iburst.co.za


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