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ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

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Integrated Services Digital Network (or ISDN) is a high-speed alternative to the normal telephone line, and is more efficient for connecting computers to the Internet.

ISDN uses digital technology to ensure fast and clear communications, allowing you to connect quicker and transfer data more efficiently.

With a normal analogue modem connection, your data needs to be translated, sent over the phone line, and translated again.

Any errors mean a slow response.

You can achieve upto a 4 times faster connection by converting to ISDN.

We offer 64 and 128 Kbps ISDN options, whereas an analogue modem can only achieve a maximum of 56 Kbps (under ideal conditions).

KilosBits per second (or Kbps) is one thousand bits per second and is a measure of bandwidth.

If you hate slow downloads, browsing and emails – this is for you.

ISDN Options

Depending on where your closest dial-up Point Of Presence (POP) is, you could subscribe to our 64 or 128Kbps option. Each ISDN line features two 64Kbps 'channels' that can be used simultaneously or separately.

Each ISDN channel is, in effect, a separate phone line.

This means you can use one ISDN line to connect two computers to the Internet simultaneously or, alternatively, you could ‘Multilink’ both channels to dial up together providing for 128Kbps bandwidth.

This means you will pay for 2 phone calls at a time.

Only if you subscribe to our 128 Kbps option (provided your closest POP supports 128 Kbps) should you enable Multilink.

Please Note: that we do not accept any responsibility for your Telkom costs.

Installation and cost

You need a computer plus the following to access the internet:

  • A Telkom ISDN Line
  • An ISDN modem
  • An Interprise 64Kbps or 128Kbps dial-up account


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