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As we say to all our customers, taking the time, effort, and expense of building a Web Site and then not promoting it is like buying a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage.

Building a Web Site is merely the start.

You must follow through, to be certain that your potential customer can find your Web Site amongst the competition.

The Internet Is Constantly Growing And Changing

To ensure that your Web Site stays visible to as many customers as possible, we will endeavour to ensure that you are registered with all new Search Engine and Directories.

Search Engines will NOT accept your site unless meta-tags are installed within your site.

This service is available through your web developer or Interprise.

Meta-Tags are tags (that is, a coding statement) in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a web page.

The information that you provide in a Meta Tag is used by search engines to index a page so that someone searching for the kind of information the page contains will be able to find it.

The Meta Tag is placed near the top of the HTML in a web page as part of the heading.

There are several kinds of Meta Tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the keywords meta-tag and the description Meta Tag.

The keywords Meta Tag lists the words or phrases that best describe the contents of the page.

Both the keywords and the description are used by search engines in adding a page to their index.

Some search engines also use the description to show the searcher a summary of the pages contents.

Although most search engines also use the contents of a page as a way to determine how to index it, the creator of a web page should be sure to include Meta Tags with appropriate keywords and description.

Well written Meta Tags can help make the page rank higher in search results.


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